Course Summary – April 7 2016

We had our final course on April 7th. Unfortunately, the class was cut short because of scheduling constraints but we still managed to have a good course. We got to see and evaluate each others’ blogs one last time. I was impressed by my classmates’ blogs. They had all put a lot of effort into their blogs and had some really nice results. It was interesting to see how everyone went about their blogs with regards to style, images, formatting…etc. I was really interested by my classmate Katie’s blog about garden sharing, which is a collaborative effort which puts people with yards who don’t have the time or the inclination to put in a garden allow others to plant a garden in their yards/lots. I had no idea that garden sharing existed but I think that it’s a pretty neat idea!

Dr. Caignon asked the class what we thought of the status of the translator in today’s world and why we were drawn to translation and terminology. While we often speak in our classes about the “invisibility” of translators, I would say that translation has gained some prominence in Quebec and Canada in recent years. Perhaps this is because of the necessity of translation in a bilingual Canada and a globalized world. At the very least, I have never perceived any trace of condescension when I have told someone that I was studying to be a translator. Personally, I was drawn to translation because languages fascinate me. Working with language appealed to me and translation also seems to offer interesting and flexible job opportunities in a variety of fields.

Dr. Caignon finished off the course by explaining the concept of “isonyme” which is the French term used to denote a concept which is situated on the same level as one or more concepts as part of a hierarchal system.[1] It comes from the Greek words for Isos (equal) and nomos (usage, custom, law). So in my mind map “natural wine”, “biodynamic wine”, and “organic wine” would be “isonymes”.

[1] “Isonyme.” Wikipedia. Wikimedia Foundations Inc. February 14 2015. Web. April 12 2016.

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