Course Summary – March 23 2016

March 23rd was the first ever “Jeux de la terminologie”! A momentous occasion indeed. Dr. Caignon gave us terms such as “nanophotonics”, “aerogel”, “grapheme” and “optoinforatics”. We then had to create definitions for them. I was in a team—aptly named “The Cool and Friendly Terminologists”—with Susannah and Smadar. Coming up with definitions for the terms in a limited amount of time was quite challenging. We also had to judge the definitions that other teams came up with. We were very impressed by the quality of the definitions and in fact we had a great deal of trouble choosing a winner as every team had come up with at least one very good definition. I, for one, thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience because while you are creating a definition for a term you also learn about a variety of subjects.

We also took a look at other students’ blogs and helped each other sort out a few problems that some of us had been having with formatting, sourcing etc.…. I was particularly excited because a friend of mine (who works in web design) had recently shown me how to embed videos into a post. I find it is much more aesthetically pleasing than simply inserting a link. I was happy to share my newfound knowledge with my classmates.

At the end of the course Dr. Caignon gave a very interesting lecture on the role of creativity in a changing world economy. Creativity is an increasingly sought after commodity in the labour market. The ability to come up with creative solutions to problems is at the heart of the emerging knowledge economy. I found it particularly interesting when Dr. Caignon spoke about the recognition of the importance of creativity in China. I have been learning a lot about the changes that have been taking place in China while looking for articles for my blog. Certainly China’s meteoric rise as a global economic powerhouse has profoundly influenced the wine industry. It will be interesting to see how the new found importance of creativity will affect the Chinese economy and Chinese society.

Image Source: Sysomos


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