Course Summary – March 10 2016

The course “Terminologie et mondialisation-FTRA 611” taught by Dr. Philippe Caignon is now in its ninth week. The course has been an interesting learning experience. The main focus of the course is the creation of this blog on WordPress which was a challenge for me at first as I have very little experience with this medium. After a lot of trial and error (and some much-needed help from a friend who works in web design), I got my blog online and called it “The Changing World of Wine”. I am glad that the course is giving me the opportunity to build and create a blog as a good knowledge of computers is more essential than ever to be competitive on the labour market. “The Changing World of Wine” had provided me with some very useful skills that I will undoubtedly be able to apply elsewhere.

I have also very much enjoyed following the blogs of my fellow classmates. The subjects explored have ranged from the knowledge economy to the new economic realities of tourism and the labour market. Being to view each others blogs has also allowed us to work collaboratively; I have been inspired by my classmates’ blog and vice versa.

We also had to create definition for words like “globalization”, “internationalisation” and “localization” in both English and French. This was useful as it allowed us not only to learn more about these terms that are so very important in today’s world but also to practice coming up with our own definitions. It took quite a lot of time and effort since these are terms that are multiple definitions that are very different from each other.

This week we were tasked with exploring TermWiki and creating an account. What an amazing resource! Translators and terminologists can create definitions for terms and post them on the site. It is exciting to think of the potential that such collaborative undertakings can unleash!

Image Source: Palate Press


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